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In Progress

In Progress

This wiki is unfinished.

Manage Overview


The Manage page is the ultimate behind-the-scenes tool for administrators to control just about everything on your site. Use this page to change the site's configuration or access many other administrator tools that will keep your community running smoothly.

To get to Manage, you can either click on your user icon at the top of the screen to find a link, or just type /manage at the end of your homepage url.

Once in your management console, you'll be able to access these:


This tool is enabled only for the site owner. Configuration allows you to customize your site. Here you can create a title, summary, and description, letting your community know who you are and what you're about. Configuration also allows you to enable and disable certain features of your site.


The Users tab is the comprehensive tool for managing your community. It helps you easily search through users as well as provides tools for moderation.


Sometimes wikis will be inaccurately titled or categorized. On the Content tab, you're able to view and edit all active, inactive, or redirect wiki pages. You can also create new categories and tag synonyms here too.


Moderation is a very important feature. In addition to being able to view all passed votes on posts using Moderator Votes, you can also decide the outcome of a post, forcing a vote to pass or fail. The Moderation tab is also where you patrol new edits to guides and wikis.

Site Explorer

Site Explorer is your best friend for navigating site content quickly and easily. It provides an easy format for searching with filters so you can see all the wikis being created and modified.