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The Contributor Editing feature allows you to specify four user types for your site to better distribute authoring and content management privileges among your site users.

Contributor Editing makes it easy for users with Contributor privileges to submit edits and create site content while also imposing a system for site Authors and Administrators to approve, adjust or deny the edits submitted.

User Types & Privileges

Dozuki makes it easy to manage what specific users can and cannot do. All you need to do is identify which type of user an individual is. We created 4 different types of users for the Contributor Editing Feature, each one suited to different authoring privileges on the site.


Users have the most basic level of privileges on a site. They can view public content and leave comments on pages to which they have access.


Contributors can create pages and submit edits for existing site content; however, the changes they suggest will not go live on the site until they are validated by a site Author or Admin using the Patrol feature.


Authors can view, create, edit, and delete any content on a site. They can view any content at any time, regardless of the page privacy settings. Authors can also access the Patrol feature and validate new pages and changes suggested by Contributors.


Admins have the highest level of privileges on a site. They can access all areas of a site, including the management console. They can access billing information and can change site configuration settings. Admins can manage users and teams. They can also create, edit, delete, and view any content (regardless of page privacy settings) and access the Patrol feature to validate content submitted by Contributor users.

Content Patrol

The Patrol feature allows site Authors and Admins to review and validate edits submitted by Contributors on the site.

How to Review Content

To view all edits awaiting review, select Content Review in the left navigation menu of your Management Console.

Block Image

This will open your site's Patrol page.

Block Image

After clicking on an edit awaiting review, the revision changes will be visible and are typically highlighted as shown below. Unchanged text is not highlighted, text that was removed or changed is highlighted in red, and the edits awaiting acceptance are highlighted in green.

Block Image

From here you will have one of three patrol options:

  • Accept - Edit is accepted
  • Deny - Edit is denied
  • Edit - You have the ability to make changes to the Edit before it is accepted.
    • If one user makes multiple changes to a page, these edits will show up on the same review page. If you change the status of an edit, either accepting or denying it, all edits listed above this one will receive the same status. For example, if you choose to accept the fourth edit without first accepting or denying edits one through three, it will accept all four of them.


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