Dozuki Feature Spotlight: Answers

Answers is a discussion feature that all users can access and encourages you to break down communication barriers. You might not know whom to ask your question, so ask it on Answers!

Answers gives Dozuki users an easy way to…

  • Capture tribal knowledge
  • Document tips and quick fixes (anything that isn’t a procedure)
  • Identify subject matter experts with reputation

For example, last year we ran into a quality issue we’d never seen before in the paint area. After searching my Dozuki site and coming up with nothing, I posted a question explaining the issue and @mentioning my counterpart Matt; maybe he knew something about this.

Block Image

Matt responded to my question with a comment saying he noticed some humidity level changes recently, so he @mentioned Thomas, our HVAC specialist on the maintenance team.

Block Image

Thomas then answered the question, confirming that the AHU was most likely the cause. Later that day, he updated his answer once the issue was resolved and suggested that we update our restart process to account for this incident.

If we ever run into this issue again, we’d easily be able to find Thomas’s answer and immediately identify the root cause. Though after updating our restart process guides, we may not run into this issue again anyway!

Have you seen any creative uses of Answers? Or are you looking for a way to get started with Answers? Feel free to comment or post in this thread—we’d love to talk about it with you!

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