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Marking Right and Wrong Answers In Quality Control Questions

We are looking into adding Quality Control into our guides. I’ve been playing around with questions/answers to see how it works. We’re thinking of using it to check understanding during the steps instead of after the steps, feeding off the idea Corey Brown brought up in this article.

Is there a way to mark correct answers or score Quality Control questions?

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Hey Krystina, building quality checks into your guides is a great way to reinforce standards and ensure that processes are performed consistently by everyone. If you’re looking to test understanding as operators run through the process, this sounds like a quality assurance training that could even be done before production runs. Something like this would be a great fit for Courses.

If you’d like to build quality control checks into your guides for regular use, I recommend identifying steps where you commonly see quality issues and add data capture fields to collect critical quality observations from operators each time they run through the process. This way you will be able to focus on gathering comments and observations from the operator during quality checks. To minimize input error, use fields like Radio Buttons, Dropdowns, or Numeric Input with limits wherever possible.

Either way, you’ll want to use a team signoff so that operators can submit their responses to the quality team or a trainer so they can verify and signoff in real time, as described in Corey’s article.

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