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How to create subcategory of same name in different category?

I am trying to create user guides for different models of the machines. The model is being the category, I want to name subcategories same name as it is for other models. Example there are two models Model-A and Model-B. Now I have ‘Packing’ as sub-category for both models. How to create that kind of architecture effectively?

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This is a great question! No two categories can have the same Title. These need to be unique, as they are in the URLs of your category pages. However, you can edit the category to give it a new Display Title, which is what your users will see when navigating your site.

In your example, I would recommend naming the two categories ‘Model-A Packing’ and ‘Model-B Packing’, then changing both of their display titles to just ‘Packing’.

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Thanks for Recommendation, at present I am working with that work around. I wanted better procedure to follow. Anyways thanks.


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