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This category includes all guides and references for the delivery, installation, running and updating of Dozuki OnPrem, the locally-hosted version of the Dozuki software platform.

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How do you configure AD LDAP authentication?

When I follow the built-in documentation for LDAP authentication it will show an error when a user tries to log in, even though the “Test Credentials” shows as successful. The error is “LDAP: Attribute missing: ‘uid’“ which I assume is linked to the “Username Attribute field (Required)” which I have configured as sAMAccountName as detailed in the documentation. I can see that authentication is working because if I enter an incorrect password or account it indicates that its incorrect. I am not using SAML as this is not an option at the moment. I have also tried all 3 options for LDAP (OpenLDAP, AD & Other) but it makes no difference.

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3 years late but to answer this one because I just had the same problem and isnt well documented (and Im surprised they didnt update the documentation after this)

Instead of UID or sAMACcountName you should try using ‘mail’ in the Username attribute Field.

This was what i was advised by support.

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