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Dozuki OnPrem allows the Dozuki software to be self-contained within your own hardware. This gives you the ability to run and operate the software without connecting to the internet and control the process of applying updates.

Once the Dozuki OnPrem Virtual Machine image (VM) is installed, all data from the image will be stored on the host server. Customers are responsible for backup and restoration processes.

Hardware Requirements

To successfully host and run Dozuki OnPrem on a local server or machine, a virtual hypervisor is required.

Minimum system requirements include:

  • Processor: Four CPU cores (or virtual equivalent)
  • Memory: 8 GB (dependent on selected platform)
  • Storage: 1 TB available storage recommended (500 GB minimum)


The Virtual Machine Image (VM) file can be delivered on a physical medium ( USB storage, flash key, or as a secure download link.

Block Image


We architected the Dozuki OnPrem VM specifically to allow easy deployment that supports various hardware configurations. The installation process is similar to other locally hosted software:

  1. Obtain the Dozuki OnPrem VM files via one of the supported delivery methods (secure download link or USB drive that will be physically delivered to your preferred destination).
  2. Create a new host and attach VM files to it.
  3. Start the host to begin configuring settings (including SMTP servers and LDAP) via an application control panel specific to Dozuki OnPrem.



Download updates at your leisure and install during a time that works best for you. We recommend installing and testing on a development server before full deployment. Offline updates are available by request.