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Expandable Comments at the STEP Level

It would be very helpful if you could add support for comments within a step. These should be collapsible/expandable using something like a JQUERY accordian or the like. Here is a great WORDPRESS style example of these "sliding notes" concept.

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Right now, you can view the comments for a given step on a guide if you scroll down the page to see Comments at the bottom. If you click the Comment bubble next to a particular step, it will also scroll you down the page to the appropriate location.

I doubt we'll create expandable comment bubbles in the near future, but we're planning on making some changes that should improve your experience with comments and guide viewing in general:

  • Right now, the viewing of comments can be turned on and off at the bottom of a guide. We're going to default this to always on, and we're going to remove the ability to not show comments.
  • We're going to add in dynamic loading of comments as you scroll down the page, so that the initial portions of the page will load quickly, and your browser will only load the comments once you scroll down.
    • After we implement dynamic loading of comments, we'll implement dynamic loading of steps, and we'll remove the paginated view from guides.

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Please ;)

Taylor...why not do it? How about this...


Our framework is running off of our own wiki engine that was written in-house, not MediaWiki, or any other existing wiki engine (all the existing wiki engines out there didn't give us the power and functionality that we wanted to have, so we wrote our own). It's not at all that we don't want to develop that feature (it seems like a useful and helpful feature) it's more that it's not as simple as dropping in an Extension. Developing the feature will take a fair bit of time to do, and we have a very large set of plans already in place for the short-term future - our feature development roadmap is pretty full.


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