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I want to know more about the feature development roadmap

What is the feature rollout schedule for Dozuki? --FixItClub

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This is a small question, with a big answer! I'll do the best I can to clarify. We've got a lot of plans for what to do next with Dozuki, and we're very excited to have the opportunity to share the platform with customers using it for such diverse applications.

For your general knowledge: We push new code updates at least once a week, usually much more often than that. Historically every code release required us taking the site down for an hour, but we've worked hard to change that so that we can now bring you new updates without interrupting the service. We've made great strides in this direction, but we'll be going a lot more in this direction this summer.

There are quite a few places throughout the whole site where we know we can make performance optimizations. We try to push out a few of these changes every week.

Onto the features - I'll highlight some of the bigger and more interesting ones, listed roughly in their priority / the order that they'll be released:

  • Videos!! Allowing usage of videos on steps instead of just pictures is one of our top priorities.
  • We'll be adding the ability to customize the order that your categories are displayed in, on any category page.
  • A Dozuki Android app! This will probably be rolled out within the next month or so. After it's out, we'll offer customized Android app creation for individual customers, like we do for our iOS app.
  • Like Kyle mentioned, we're doing a lot of work on internationalization and automated translations.
    • This will include the ability to specify certain words (such as product names) which should not be translated into other languages, as well as a glossary tool which will allow translators to manually control how certain words are translated.
  • Stories is a feature currently only available on iFixit. It allows iFixit's customers to tell a story to other customers about their experiences with iFixit's Guides, Parts, and Tools. We're going to be giving Stories a major overhaul, and making it available as a big new feature to all Dozuki customers who are interested in building a community.
  • Wiki pages will be added into the hierarchical structure of your site, which will make them easy to browse to find, just like guides. Wikis currently exist in their own 'space', and are only easily accessible if you search for them by name.
  • We'll be dramatically improving the accuracy of the statistics tracking on all pages by deploying an entirely new statistics tracking system.
  • We're going to allow users to join more than one team at once, and we're going to allow you to specify multiple teams that are allowed to view a private guide, instead of just one team as it is right now.
  • We're going to create an authenticated API which will then allow us to create specific endpoints for customers to take advantage of, like inviting users.
    • We're always open to creating new API endpoints that customers need.
  • We'll provide a graphical tool that serves as an interface for creating tables on wikis and category pages.

Please don't hesitate to ask about any of the features I described here. There are literally hundreds more improvements in the pipeline that we're thrilled to be able to provide.

Our development roadmap is directly and very strongly influenced by what you, our customers, tell us you want to see and be able to do. If there's a feature you want to see, tell us about it!

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