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A Wiki page is used for documentation that is not procedural. (Think text-heavy) Use Wikis to convey general information in a flexible format, like a troubleshooting page or a Material Safety Data Sheet.

Below is an example of what a typical Wiki page might look like:

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Creating a Wiki Page

To create a Wiki page, simply go to the New Page Creator and select "Wiki". You will then be prompted to enter a title for the Wiki.

Once you have chosen a name, click "Next," and you will be taken to the editing interface for the Wiki page.

Editing a Wiki Page

To edit a Wiki page, simply click on the "Edit" tab in the top right corner when viewing the page. The edit page for that particular Wiki will appear and all the text, pictures, and formatting can be edited and arranged on this page.

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Parts of a Wiki Page


The title is both what a Wiki will be known as, and the way that people will find a Wiki.

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The Title field is automatically filled with the name that was provided when first creating the page. You can change the title to whatever you like, although this will not change the URL for the Wiki page. It will change the display title on the "View" tab.


Summaries provide a brief idea of what the Wiki is about. They show up on searches and underneath the Wiki image, so they are very useful for identifying a Wiki.

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Typical content in a summary includes the date of release, important specifications, and possibly an ID number.

Header Image

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Images help users recognize the topic of a Wiki. Since the image will often be viewed as a thumbnail, it should be simple and free of clutter.

Attaching the Wiki Header Image is quite simple. Once an image is uploaded to the Media Manager , simply drag click on the thumbnail of the image, and it will appear where the gray image placeholder was.

Body Images

Images can also be put in the Additional Information text box on the Wiki page.

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You can change the size and alignment of the images by using Wiki Syntax

Permissions Manager

This section is only applicable to sites with public editing enabled.

The Permissions Manager is a system that prohibits edits to pages from being automatically accepted if the user making the edit has less than the necessary reputation. Use the slider in this field to set the required amount of reputation to edit this Wiki page. Check out these other pages for complete breakdowns on reputation and the Permission Manager.

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Tags act similarly to any other tags, in that they increase search popularity by including extra words that many would think of in relation to that Wiki, even though they may not be a part of the title.

To add a tag, locate the "Tags" field in the Wiki editing interface, type in the tag you want to add, and then press "Add". Once you're finished, press Save Tags and those tags will be applied to your page.

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Additional Information

Wiki pages are free-format, which means that you will have to know a little bit of code (Wiki Syntax) to edit your page. All of the information on this page will be entered in the “Additional Information” text box.

Below is an example of an “Additional Information” text box in a Wiki that conveys safety information.

Block Image

Refer to the page below for all the information you’ll need to get started.

You can also embed other forms of media right onto your wiki page, including videos, Google Docs and LucidChart presentations.

Wiki Page History

A Wiki's history shows you the entire timeline of changes to that wiki. To see the history of a Wiki, click the "History" tab in the upper right corner of any document. From here, you can view all of the recent editing activity on a specific page.


The main section of this page is the recent history. It shows all of the edits that have been made to the page recently.

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  • You can click on any of the edits in blue and it will link to a page showing exactly what was changed.
  • The name to the right of the edit shows who made it.
    • Clicking it will send you to their profile page.
    • Profiles with diamonds to the right of their names are Administrators.
  • Some edits will have lines through them and will say "denied" in parentheses.

These indicate edits that were made and then denied using the Permissions Manager.

Organizing Wikis

To organize a Wiki page, go to the “Related Category” field in the editing interface, type in the name of the category that the Wiki should be organized under, and click “Save”. Note: this section will only appear after you've saved the page once. The Wiki page will appear under the “Related Pages” section of the chosen category.

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