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Markup and Bullets Best Practices

Dozuki’s dynamic bullets allow more clarity in the way images and text can interact with each other within a guide step.

Color coding the markups on the image to correlate to the bullets in the text allows authors to tie multiple text instructions to images without causing confusion to the reader.

The best practice would be to establish a company standard for color order that all authors will follow to increase standardization. As a company, Dozuki follows the ROYGBIV order of colors.


The image below is an example of using colored bullets to attach 3 unique pieces of text to a single image:

Block Image

The two images below are an example of using colored bullets to illustrate which line of instruction relates to which image inside a single guide step:

Block Image

Block Image

Special Bullets

Colors are not the only option for bullets in a Dozuki guide. There are also three special bullet options:

Block Image

These are used most effectively with an indent so that they are not mistaken for a step in the process. Here’s an example of an indented ‘note’ below:

Block Image

The ‘note’ and ‘reminder’ bullets behave the same as colored bullets aside from their look. The ‘Caution’ bullet, however, has a unique behavior. Any text associated with a ‘Caution’ bullet will turn red once the edit is saved as seen in the example below:

Block Image

How do you use dynamic bullets in your own guides?

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This is good - but using colors to differentiate markups is difficult for colorblind users. Further, my company wants to use colors to differentiate between Hazard (red), Safety (red), Quality (blue) items.

An improvement would be to add alpha (a-h) or numbers (i.e. 1 through 9) into the markup so each box could be associated with a numbered Task.

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