Automatically adjust the number of parts needed

I have a guide with many prerequisite. When I change the number of a part in one of the prerequisite the number of this same part in the main guide doesn’t change. Is it normal? Will I have to check and manually adjust these numbers each time?

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I believe this is normal but I'll ask our product team to find out for sure. May I ask why the number of parts are changing in the prerequisite guide?


We use container guides which have many prerequesite guides. We make complex products that sometimes need engineering changes. So we constantly have to adjust parts design or number.


One way I found to do that is to erase all tools and parts from the container guide. Then I can import all items again. The problem with this solution is that one change implies a modification to the prerequesite guide and another to the container guide. So I have to launch at least two different approval processes. If a change to a prerequesite guide could automatically reverberate to the container guide, it could really simplify approval process, speed up change implementation and reduce the risk of introducing errors.


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