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Two different methods to Embed? iFrame vs. Javascript

This page (Embedding Guides) shows an iFrame snippet for embedding Dozuki content in my website, while this page (Embedding and Exporting) appear to show a Javascript method.

Are both methods supported? Are there specific pros and cons for each method beyond the standard considerations regarding iFrames?

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Hi Garry,

Thanks for your question. We built a really awesome iFrame embed widget to replace the Javascript embed. The iFrame embed gives you the option to choose between a single step embed or full guide embed. You also have the flexibility to choose the size of your embed.

Here's a great example of the single step embed being used on Engadget (scroll down to the middle of the page).

Tip: If you want your iFrame embed to be responsive, is a great tool. Just paste your Dozuki iFrame embed code into their generic iFrame media source field and they'll provide updated embed code that makes the embed responsive.

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