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Would you consider a style syntax for wiki formatting?

When creating a table, some style can be injected via <<color... bgcolor... etc. >>. I believe many of these are relatively new for tables as I don't remember seeing them a while back (Thanks, they are pretty awesome!).

What do you guys think about applying this to other wiki elements?

The trick is having a container for it to apply to, things like:

== <<color="blue">> Colored Header == (heading element)

''<<color="red">> This is important red text!'' (emphasize element)

<<color="green">> Potentially even paragraph elements could accept style and it would apply to a text block like this. By creating a line break it would make a new paragraph element escaping the style... (paragraph element)

so this would be back to normal.

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Hi, Forrest!

Having the ability to do something like that is definitely on our radar! But I think we are planning on moving away from Wiki Syntax and have a WYSIWYG editor, instead, which will allow you to change the color of the text much more easily.

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that sounds cool!


Also, (sorry this is a bit random) I would suggest setting a CSS max-width value on text box elements. Right now they can be dragged out in ways that mess up the design.


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