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How may I add multiple tags to a guidelist?

I discover wikilists to be a great way to organize and link content especially with the ability to query multiple tags separated by commas. for example

[wikilist|part, clientName]

so that on one page I can display all parts from a specific client and on another display all parts.

When trying to do this with guides the syntax is a little different


Notice how tag is defined tag=someVariable

I've tried:

  • tag=someVariable , anotherVariable
  • tag=someVariable | tag=anotherVariable

but none of these worked to yield the same results as the multi-tag wikilist. Is there another way to do this?

Note: the query result I'm trying to get is "if var1 AND var2" and not "if var1 OR var2"

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Great question Forrest!

As you rightly surmised, the current functionality for Wikilists will allow you to select multiple tags as the criteria for your dynamic list: for example, all wikis with "tag1" and "tag2".

Unfortunately, Guidelist doesn't work the same way. Currently, you may only specify one tag or one category to generate a dynamic list of guides.

This is a very reasonable feature request though. We will ask our development team to weigh in on the technical complexity to enable the use of multiple tags as criteria for Guidelists and add any updates to this thread.


When making guidelists you can now select multiple tags as criteria, just like wikilists. The syntax for this would look something like [guidelist|tags=tag1,tag2].

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Update: As of August 2016 it seems this feature has been added. Release Notes

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