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What is in the latest release?

What features are in the latest release of Dozuki?

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Good question! We push new code changes live about every other day now (without taking the site down) rather than just once a week like we used to. We've had some substantial process and framework improvements that have allowed us to have only about 1 hour of downtime for maintenance in the last 4 months.

Bug fixes

  • Countless fixes to our Translation Glossary and translation framework, both on the site and in PDF's.
  • Fixed some examples on our SSO and other API pages.
  • Fixed a variety of security vulnerabilities.
    • Our thanks to the Security Researchers credited here for finding and reporting them.
  • Improved readability in notification emails by fixing some text formatting.
  • Removed a shortcut URL in this format: /Guide/[guideid]/[stepnumber] (which was previously used by the embed widget) because it was causing a bug where guides titled as a number couldn't be accessed.
  • Fixed a bug with the displayed user counts in /Manage/user-info due to the iRobot user.
  • Private wikis are no longer included in the site map.
  • Added meta tags for Dozuki sites as follows:
    • The Guidebook landing page uses the Description from /Manage for the description meta tag.
    • The Guidebook landing page uses the top level categories for the keyword meta tag.
    • Category pages use the category Summary for the description meta tag.
    • Category pages use the category name for the keyword meta tag.
  • Fixed a bug with the Media Manager where images that weren't exactly 4 : 3 aspect ratio would require cropping.
    • Such images that are only a few pixels off are now automatically cropped to be 4 : 3 without asking the user.
  • Fixed some styling issues on /Wiki for sites that have custom headers.
  • Fixed alignment issues in the headers of all pages for all sites.
  • PDF's now display Introduction text correctly.
  • Fixed image uploading for older versions of IE.
  • Fixed a bug with the new Media Manager where images were sometimes re-ordered upon saving a step.
  • Fixed a bug where Guide Introductions that contained multiple links would render incorrectly.


  • We're very pleased to say that we've improved image processing speed by about 20%.
    • We've got much bigger performance improvements in the works, which will take another few weeks to complete.
  • Updated all bullet and marker colors for improved visibility. These are the new colors.
    • The yellow / gold color in particular has improved.
    • All colors were tested with colorblind users to ensure ease of use.
  • Standardized button layouts on Team pages.
  • Switched to the Facebook Like button instead of Facebook's Send button on guides.

New Features

  • Although it's not a feature you see, we've had some great improvements to our automated testing framework.
    • These improvements have both increased the quality of our tests, helping as well as increased our test coverage of the site, making sure that everything stays up and running as we're developing new features.
  • The beginnings of support for different languages at different subdomains is in place on our development world.
    • For example: In the future, if our customer Lets Truck decided to enable multi-language support, would let users see the French version of Lets Truck, with a human-translated interface, and machine translated content.
  • We're getting ready to switch over to using custom guide titles across the site.
    • When writing a guide or creating a category, you can use either the default title generated for you, or you can make your own title.
    • Up till now we've been fairly inconsistent about whether we display the default title, or your custom title throughout the site, but we're standardizing on using your custom title, if you've entered one.
  • Added documentation for and publicized our Collections API endpoint.
  • The Media Manager now allows you to delete all your media items at once.
  • When an Admin is inviting users to join a team, they can now force the user to join the team.
    • Forcing a user to join a team will remove them from their current team (if any) and sends the user an email informing them of the change.

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Do you guys still release new features? I was looking through your Q&A's and I haven't seen any release notes since December 2012. I tried your software out back in early 2013 and I was told that you guys were developing some sort of data capture for manufacturing work instructions. Is this feature available yet?

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Hi Tim - We most definitely still release new features. In fact, we accomplished far more in 2013 than we did in 2012. We switched to communicating platform changes directly to existing customers though, rather than posting them publicly on this Q&A forum.

We did develop and release the data and timing capture features you're talking about. Our customers have found the features incredibly useful for capturing real time production data from your manufacturing environment. We'd be more than happy to show you a demo of the new functionality - give us a call at +1 (805) 316 0880 or and we'll show you what we've accomplished in the last year.


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