API access to Answers, replies

I'm currently converting my software over from using API 0.1 to API 1.0 and noticed along the way that one component was misbehaving; the Answers component.

There is no API access to the Answers section, so it has relied on the ?rss=yes suffix to get the Answers as RSS instead. But checking the output I realized that this does not actually contain the answers (replies) to the Answers (questions).

Any chance of rolling access to the Answers section into a future version of the API?

The specific information I would be interested in are:

  • a unique ID
  • a pointer to the parent ID in case of a reply
  • title
  • content
  • author

The access I would be interested in mostly would be sorted by time (reverse chronology - e.g. latest results first) and - for sake of the server - a maximum number of results returned. Retrieving only results newer than a particular ID (which is typically an incremental counter anyway) would be ideal.

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You're right, we don't have Answers API endpoints right now. We're planning on adding it, we've just been working on other projects. I'll look into it.


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