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API access to Items

On a site I'm interfacing with, some of the content is in Items (e.g. ). However, I'm not seeing any method to get at the list of Items or details about an Item through the API.

Normally I might expect references to them to be found in a Device or Guide's Parts or Tools list, but admittedly I'm not sure if the site's author has set the Device page up correctly.

Even so, however, if an Item exists but there is no other API-accessible data linking to it, I would like a way to query the list of Items and retrieve details about them through a direct API call.

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We've introduced an endpoint for getting details about a specific "Item" page. Using the /wikis endpoint you can get details about an Item by using the Item namespace and title.

Here's a quick example:

Here's a quick breakdown of this API endpoint:


Here's a reference to the relevant documentation:

You can also get a list of all Items by using the following endpoint:

If you are interested in using the API to create new Items you can use this endpoint:

Or this one for modifying existing Items:

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We don't yet have an API endpoint for items, but we should. What information would you like to know about them?

If you describe your usage scenario it will make it easier for us to design something that works for you.

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The usage scenario in general is monitoring a website for guides and items added. For the Answers section it simply uses the RSS for the purpose, for section where there doesn't appear to be RSS output, the API is queried instead.

On the website there is a Topic that lists some resources (plain HTML in the "contents" key). Some of those resources are, in turn, links to Items. That list of Items is likely to expand in the future, and the monitoring software (third party, not the site owner) is intended to notify interested parties via external channels of such an expansion.

There's basically two problems with this:

1. There is no endpoint for Items, as you mention.

2. There's nothing 'connecting' the Items to the Topic. At least not that I can see, but that may very well be different under the hood. However, as the author of the site chose to simply list the Items within the "contents" key, I suspect there's at least no link from the Topic to the Items. This may be a use error by the author, though.


As for information sought: ID/name for URL, title, description, type, supplier, 'contents' (presuming the information structure is similar to the Topic mentioned). There is other information such as the image, statistics, etc - but they're not of interest in my specific usage scenario.


Have you added the API endpoints for Item pages?


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