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What’s up with the changes to the category pages?

A customer recently pointed out the effects of our recent update to category pages. I wanted to voice his question here:

I've noticed that there have been some changes to the way that category pages are structured. Could someone explain what changes have already occurred and what else might be on the horizon?
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We are making some alterations to the way category pages are structured. The object of any category page is to make it easy to find the guide you’re looking for. But as content grows, your site might contain thousands of guides. That’s a lot to sort through. Our new design will make category pages easier to navigate and nicer to look at.

All of the information on any Dozuki site is organized into a hierarchy of information. It’s helpful to think of this hierarchy as a family tree, with parents and children and grandchildren:

Block Image

So, in the example above, “artist” is the parent category, “painter” is the child category, “impressionist” is the grandchild category, and so on down the tree.

The new category pages use this hierarchy to get your users to the guide they need quickly. Category pages are now more detailed and more structured. As before, they display the parent category and links to its associated guides. Now, pages also display child and grandchild categories, as well as links to their respective guides.

Here’s what the old design looked like:

Block Image

And here’s a sneak peek of what the new pages will look like (click image to enlarge):

Block Image

As you can see, the new design has more pictures, so it better shows off your rich media. More importantly, because parents, children, and grandchildren are all listed together, the guide your user wants is never more than a few clicks away (whether you have 10 guides or a million guides).

In order to best take advantage of this new design, you’ll have to manage your categories with care. Balance out the categories and subcategories in your tree to make sure none of the “branches” get too heavy.

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