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How is this useful?

What does Guidebook do other than display columns of pictures and comments? Shouldn't a Guidebook be more than that?

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Well, Guidebook IS more than that.

Guidebook guides run contrary to the status quo in a couple ways:

It's Visual By Design

  • Guidebook mandates a visual experience. Most tools will offer too much leniency in the creation process: this causes the end user to suffer. Guidebook maintains a consistent presentation for every new guide.

It's Dynamic

  • Most of the world uses a word processor to PDF workflow. It's nearly impossible, at any real size, to effect changes to the static guides: editing, PDF'ing and posting to a server could take weeks to months! With Guidebook, it's instantaneous.

It's Everywhere

To Your Point

  • Guidebook currently supports only images and text annotations. However, we will soon expand beyond that into video and a variety of other types of rich media.

Please, let us know what else you would like Dozuki to BE in the future by voicing your feature requests (add the tag "feature-request").

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