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How is Dozuki Answers better than other answers-style solutions?

Customers have asked us, "My company is looking at Dozuki Answers as a discussion and support platform, but there are several others out there. Why is Dozuki's solution the best?"

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Thanks for passing on the question, Sterling. There definitely are a lot of support options out there. But here are a couple ways Answers is unique and awesome:

Organizing by Categories

Organizing discussions by "Categories" makes it easy for your users to find the information they want.

Other Q&A platforms organize discussions based around user-generated tags for a post. Tags are great—we use them too—but they're limited. Answers allows you to have an additional layer of organization on top of traditional tags by using Categories.

For example, here's a post from our support forums: Where to order a back panel for my iPhone 4? This post is one of many under the iPhone 4 category. (On, we use the term "Devices" rather than "Categories," but the basic organizational structure is the same.) In addition, it also has two tags: rear panel and back panel.

If you were only sorting by tags, analogous tags like "rear panel" and "back panel" could be hard to keep track of among thousands of tags—users searching for information about rear panels might miss great information in posts only tagged "back panel." This is the power of organizing with Categories.

Categories can also be nested to create more complex hierarchies. In my example, the iPhone 4 falls under the Cell Phone Category, and all related questions can be found this way. All Categories are listed on the "Categories" tab on Dozuki Answers.

The Reputation System

Our reputation system helps push good answers to the top, creating a better signal-to-noise ratio and giving participants a steady stream of social rewards.

Answers is built around a Reputation-based economy, which can incentivize participation and build a community around your products. Users earn reputation points by interacting with the site, such as posting, editing, voting on, and accepting answers. They earn the most points when an answer they've given is upvoted or accepted, which means that users who give helpful answers are encouraged to stay. Reputation also helps new vistors tell which users are trusted members of the community.

Basically, Dozuki Answers can help you build a solid support network on the knowledge and expertise of your users, which will save you time and money. There are simple-to-use Moderation controls.

If you want to read more about Answers, there's a lot more information here.

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