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What is a Course?

Courses make training your team on your procedures a breeze. A course is built up of a group of guides and is assigned to certain users. Those users will then have a certain number of days to complete the guides in the course. Completion is achieved when a user completes a work log session for a guide. Admins are able to track the completion status for the users assigned to the course. They can also set these courses to expire based on a certain about of time or if a new version of a guide in the course is published.

Locating Courses

Users can locate their courses in the header banner on your Dozuki site. Admins will have two options—My Courses and Manage Courses.

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My Courses

Under this section, users will be able to see all of the courses assigned to them and their completion status for each one. At the top, it will show their overall course competency. Each user will be able to see this section, allowing them to monitor their completion status.

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When a course is resumed, it shows the user which guides have been completed and which guides are up next. A guide is marked as Completed if the user goes through a work log session for the guide.

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Manage Courses

This section is where Admins can go to manage all of the courses created on their site. They will be able to filter down to see only the courses that they've created.

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This section can also be filtered by People, which shows a report of the overall competency for all users and teams assigned to courses.

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Creating a Course

To create a course on your Dozuki site, you must have Admin privileges.

Assigning Courses

Courses can either be assigned to individual users or teams. Follow the guide below for instructions on how to assign a course.