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Guide is assigned to one team but pops up in several teams.

So, I have multiple teams that I’ve set up as a test run.

I have two teams set up. The first is for all production of a item (Prod Item). The second is only for the quality checks on the item (QA Item). Everyone in ‘QA Item’ will still be a member of the main ‘Prod Item’ team.

Here’s my situation: I’ve created a guide for quality checks on the item. I then assigned it to the ‘QA Item’ team. However, it still shows up in the “Contributions” tab the ‘Prod Item’ team. The guide should only be available to the quality team.

Am I misunderstanding how teams work in Dozuki or is something wrong?

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Hi @zchambers it is possible that the guides are set to Public and are not Private. This can be changed in by following the steps in How to Make Guides Private to a User or a Team. If you have followed these steps and are still having problems limiting the visibility of the guides to those teams, please reach out to and we can assist further.

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Sadly, this isn't the fix. They are all private and set to one team.

Just as an example for what I have going on:

I have the guide "Grind Sample". It's private and assigned to "QA" Team. If I open the page for "QA" team, the guide is listed under "Unpublished Guides". (If I make the guide public it shows under just "Guides".)

Users will need to be part of multiple teams to have all the guides they need. My problem is that if I open "Production" team, the "Grind Sample" guide is also listed there.


Hey @zchambers if you have not already reached out to please do so that we can look at your specific setup, troubleshoot, and determine the cause so that the guides display to the correct users/teams.

You mention that they are listed under "Unpublished Guides", if there are no published released versions, it is possible that this is what is causing the discrepancy in what you are seeing. You would want to have the guides set to private and with a published release version of the content.


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