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Notes and discussion about Dozuki releases by version.

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What's new in Dozuki?

It's been a while since we did Release Notes, so I aggregated many of the changes and fixes that we've silently released over the last few months.

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New Features

  • Translation Glossary
    • The Translation Glossary allows you to have machine-translated content on your site, augmented by a dictionary file you make, which defines the translation for specific words and phrases for individual languages.
    • This feature alone is already saving our customers millions of dollars in translation fees.
    • Contact us today to learn more!
  • Finished many months of backend framework improvements which will allow for human-translated versions of a site's interface. As seen when logged into iFixit, the French language is now in Beta.
  • Greatly improved the error messages that our API provides.
  • The titles of guide comments now link back to the step of the guide that the comment was referencing.
  • Category and guide revision history entries now show which user accepted the revision.
  • Category and guide revision history entries now link back to the corresponding Category or Guide.
  • While not completely finished, we've made enormous progress on the new Media Manager. It is now in its final stages of testing and touch-ups before being released. This Media Manager will allow us to begin many new image upload improvements that we've wanted to tackle for a while, such as auto-resizing of images, upscaling, letterboxing / pillboxing, or even auto-cropping.
  • Some screenshots:

Block Image


Block Image

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which could cause guides or categories with foreign language titles to incorrectly provide a 404.
  • Fixed a bug causing small font sizes in some places.
  • Fixed column alignment in Team Reports.
  • Fixed a variety of bugs which were conspiring to prevent Comment notification emails from being sent out.
  • Found and fixed a very large number of words and phrases in the site's interface which were not being properly translated. The UI is now almost completely translated.
  • The time at which any action on the site occurred is now live-updated.
    • If you're viewing a page such as /Answers, or your user Activity feed, you'll see times that events occurred live-update as you stay watching the page for a while.
    • If you hover over an older more general timestamp, such as 'May, 2011', you can see details on the exact time that the event occurred.
  • When creating a new guide, if the name of the category you came from is invalid, we now default to the first category in your list of categories.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a site with one plan could create a site with a different plan.
  • The link to the originating guide from a Guide revision history page is now correctly colored blue and styled like other links on the site.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some categories from being listed in the Category Manager.
  • Fixed a bug preventing a category named "0" from being used.
  • Fixed bugs with language selection that sometimes resulted in not seeing content in your chosen language.
  • Removed a duplicate 'Send Invite' button from the Invite New User form in /Manage/user-info.
  • Fixed numerous styling issues specific to IE 7 & IE 8.
  • Fixed spacing issues with tabs in /Answers.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the 'Revert' button from appearing in /Answers revision history.
  • Improved Dozuki nanosite keywords.
  • Fixed a bug causing extra newlines when creating a bulleted list in wikitext.
  • Fixed the 'Reset' option for SSO secrets.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented choosing a different theme from /Manage/Appearance.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Previous' and 'Next' step buttons could overlap beneath the last step of a guide.
  • The site will now correctly provide a 404 when a user views a non-existent Guide or Team Reports page.


  • Removed a 15 character maximum on passwords when registering new accounts.
  • Fixed various XSS vulnerabilities. The users who reported them are listed here.
  • In order to prevent against Clickjacking attacks, Dozuki sites are no longer allowed to be included via iFrame unless the source and destination are the same.
  • Implemented a 6 character minimum for password length.
  • Created a new rate limiting system for failed login attempts. The current limit is 10 per hour, but we're open to changing this if it's a problem.


  • Implemented a new caching tool which drastically increases server performance and improves page load speed on many pages.
  • Substantially improved reliability of our suite of automated tests. In addition to continually adding new tests, this helps improve the stability of the site.
  • Removed the tag list from the front page of /Answers, giving Answers a cleaner interface.
  • Removed the option for non-full width (2/3 width) view on guides. Guide view is cleaner in full-width view on any modern mobile device, as well as all desktops and laptops.
  • Made a number of badge names more generic, to more appropriately fit all sites.
  • Per customer request, reversed the order of the privilege options when inviting new users.
    • The default privilege when inviting a new user is now the lowest privilege (normal user), rather than Admin (the highest).
  • New, cleaner layout on Teams list (found at /Teams).

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I’ve noticed there’s a demo Dozuki 30-Minute Consultation available on the official website. What does it mean? How to schedule it? Thanks. Also: are the pictures limited per section?

limit amount of pictures per section

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@randybonnette, we offer a 30-min demo consultation where we discuss your requirements and walk you through an overview of our software platform to see if Dozuki might be a good fit for your company.

We do limit steps to a maximum of three images or one video.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


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