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What's new in the release for March 14th, 2012?

The Dozuki platform was upgraded on March 14th, 2012, what changes were included in this new version?

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Our first sync since the end of Beta was super effective. Below is a list of features we pushed and the bugs we squashed along the way.

New Features

  • SSL is now only available by default for Custom plans. To turn on SSL for your site, please Contact Us.
  • Added new animated UI to improve visibility of Help links on all pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Answers search where entering a new search term from a later page of results showed the wrong search results
  • Fixed stylization bug affecting delete links on Answers posts, Answers comments, and Guidebook comments
  • Fixed minor text spacing issue on Notifications Page
  • Fixed an issue where a site's description did not wrap onto a new line properly
  • Fixed a bug where reputation points were not removed when Answers posts were closed or deleted, but not restored if the post was re-opened. Reputation is now properly restored for re-opened posts.
  • Fixed multiple minor errors on the Upgrades page in /Manage.
  • Fixed multiple video errors in all of the launchpad pages.
  • Finished fixing an issue where removing an image from your Image Drawer could result in the image being removed from posts it was used in.


  • Improved Support Request Form
  • Various improvements to the Upgrades page
  • Redirected a Help module to a more applicable Help Page
  • Removed unneeded cancel button in Answers when asking a question
  • Improved saving behavior when multiple users are concurrently editting the same step of a guide
  • Increased the maximum time that a single unused SSO login token remains valid. This ensures that someone can't capture your SSO token and use it again later to impersonate you.
  • Increased readability of link fonts on Patrol pages.

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