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Notes and discussion about Dozuki releases by version.

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What's new in the release for February 9th, 2012?

The Dozuki platform was upgraded on February 9th, 2012, what changes were included in this new version?

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Tonight contained another large batch of code changes to continue to push the pace for next weeks "Production Launch" goal.

New Features

  • User Notification manager now auto-detects timezone when adding new notifications.
  • Middle tab (while editing guides) named changed from "meta information" to "details"
  • Integrated Answers functionality in soon-to-be-released help revamp.
  • Implemented new sidebar module for soon-to-be-released help revamp.

Bug Fixes

  • Creating a category using /wiki menu will now auto populate any child categories under it.
  • Various image upload bug fixes.
  • Fixed category manager self-nesting bug.
  • Resolved bug affecting changing category via the category module on a category page.
  • Removed collection of billing information step on Guidebook free plan signup.
  • Fixed page stats count bug from new categorization backend.
  • Item help link routing to the incorrect documentation fixed.
  • Various images serving bug fixes.
  • Fixed portrait-oriented image issue with excessive white space when cropping.


  • Included Open Graph tags into user profile pages and guide pages.
  • Cleaned up and revised single sign on (factory / community plans and up) documentation page.
  • Developed automated testing around newly created category page deletion feature.
  • Revised image upload help instructions.
  • Revamped user notification manager UI elements.
  • Revised the UI style of category manager preview in /Manage.
  • Site Activity report renamed to User Activity to better reflect its intent.

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