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Original post by: Filip Goc ,


The 'back' navigation button (.back-link) does not work for our users


This is probably easier to show in reality, so I made a little screencast.


In essence, the issue is that we like to use Wiki pages to craft custom paths through our forest of guides (with tons of prerequisite guides).

In this case, the 'back' button within a guide in the upper left corner is actually confusing our users, because they are coming from a wiki page, but the 'go back' action takes them to a category.

It's so bad in fact that we are only able to use dozuki with this custom css:

.page-navigation-bar .back-link {
    display: none;

But then, of course our users miss some proper breadcrumb.

'''What to do with this?'''

- I'm not 100% sure yet. Any brilliant ideas?

- The best thing would be if the conditional could be as specific as 'if the user comes from a wiki page, then the button should show the wiki page as the parent, but if the user comes from a category, then the button should show the category as a parent' - but is this even architectonically possible? Do we have that sort of information on where the user is coming from?

- I'm really ONLY concerned with the use case of coming from the wiki page. I think that IF one comes to the guide by other means (like a direct link), then it's fine when the parent is the category, ui wise. That makes sense.

Other not as elegant possibilities;

- We could add a custom field, like a permalink, that would override the default go back breadcrumb. Guide author could then force a specific 'homepage' - but this goes against the whole point of re-using guides in different contexts.

- We could add some sort of conditional, which would not treat the 'go back' button as a hierarchical pointer to the mother category, but actually as a 'go back to where you came from' button. A rebuttal to that is that you can use the browser go back for that, but many non-techies are overwhelmed by such a thing.

I'm sorry if this is convoluted.

It's a tricky concept and the solutions are various.



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