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Original post by: Amanda Radakovich ,


Hi Forrest,

Thanks for the question. The Flagging feature already offered on the site is very similar to what you are asking for. The default flags on the site can be edited and customized to suit the needs of the site admins and authors. For example, you can change the "Featured Guide" flag to be a "Special Attention" flag, alerting the users of a new version. If you use the Release Notes feature during Version Control, your users can then view the Release Notes upon viewing the guide to gain a better understanding of the recent changes.

Similarly, the current Tagging feature on the site allows you to create custom tags. You can use a "New Guide" tag to tag all new guides and display a [[Help:Wiki Formatting And Syntax#Section_Dynamic_Lists|Dynamic List]] for all guides with this flag on Category Page to alert your users of new material on your site. You can use tags on all page types.

If you have any more questions regarding your specific site content, feel free to reach out to our support team for more additional assistance or guidance.

Thank you!