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Would you consider a Special Content Tag Feature?


It would be really useful to have a special content feature that would utilize a Tags where I could mark special content and it would act similar to a featured guide.

For example, if there was a way to add a marker tag such as

[code][Marker|title=New Content|text=Check out the new stuff!|expire=10 days][/code]

By adding such a tag it could place an Icon in place of the tag as a "marker" to mark the content on the page that needs attention.


The top of the page would have the info for the marker


and the page would appear in a featured like list.

A feature like this could be used to mark Special Content but if designed as a Marker it could be multipurpose so a user could mark new content they want to draw attention to. It would be useful for Guides and Wiki's alike. By developing a tag with these features, an automated New Content feature could be developed in the future which would help engage more user activity.


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